Monday, March 15, 2010

Broken Record

I know it's been a long time since my last post. I have no excuse for my absence, those of you who know me know what I have been doing and why. God has been with me the whole way over the past year, and boy have I grown, and been humbled.

See, many of us we go to church every week, we pray everyday and we ask ourselves to place our entire lives in Gods hands. Unfortunately, many of us fail to actually do so.

I know there are some of you that don't agree, but trust me on this, it's true and here's the simple why.

Think about almost every sermon you have ever heard. What about Sunday school? Almost everything we are taught in church is directed towards trusting our entire lives in God. Why do you think this is? Because we are simple humans that, even as adults, act like children when we don't want to do something when it's "Too Hard".

I mean, EVERYDAY I ask my sons not to chew with their mouths open, or to wash after using the restroom. They know they are supposed to, but it's an inconvenience. So they don't do it.

Adult Christians (and I mean people who really try to be Christ Followers) do the same thing when it come to there life and trusting it to God. It's only when everything is (or seems to be) at its worst, do we completely surrender ourselves to Him. He then picks us up, dusts us off, hugs us and says, "See, I told you I would be here!" The (not so) funny part is, soon after that happens, we start to forget how to trust in Him, until we need Him again.

Free will gives us the choice to love Him, and the choice to follow Him. But Satan uses that same free will to lure us into independence. "I can do it myself" or "Look what I accomplished"

With everything around us implying we can do this or we should do that, we seem to forget one of the most important lines in scripture. Jesus is giving His diciples a template on how to pray when He gives the single most important instruction of the entire Bible. "Thy will be done"
Not our will or not our wants, Gods will, Gods wants, that's what we are supposed to be doing.

That's why we are taught over and over again to trust in Him. We are by nature selfish and sinful, we don't want to give anyone the credit we think we deserve.

We don't deserve it, He does.

You are greater than I can ever imagine. Your love, grace and wisdom have no bounds. Who am I to take claim for what I have done. It is you that has given me the talents, abilites, and vision to do whatever it is that I accomplish. It may be my physical hands that do the work, but it's Your design that made it happen. I pray that I continue to trust fully in You and not forget the lesson I have so recently been taught. (again) Your will be done.

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